Have you ever fallen into a hole and felt the panic and pain it can give you? Have you ever invested in something only to find out that it’s a sinking money hole? Worst yet, have you ever had an embarrassing moment where you thought you were dressed so well, met other people and when the day was over as you remove your clothes, you notice that there was a big hole in your clothes?

Many of us don’t really like holes that put us into desperate or embarrassing situations. The thing is that we also can be creating holes in our bodies. Foods that are rich in calories but poor in nutrients put great holes into our bodies. They give us disease and harshly rip off our productivity one bite at a time.

However, this situation is not dire! You can also just add small things into your diet and make it better. It’s like adding the letter “W” to the beginning of the word “hole” that makes a WHOLE lot of a difference. Eating whole plant foods that have been minimally processed, full of fibre and nutrients makes your body whole  again.

Find your W and make your health WHOLE!

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