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The grass on the other side is indeed green because someone is watering it. I love looking at the flowers on my balcony as they blossom – such beautiful eye candy. But why are they so lovely? Someone definitely has taken good care of them. There was not a day when I intentionally poured oil on them, hot water or soapy water. The reason for this is rather obvious – It is because I wanted them to flourish and I knew how to nourish them.

We are similar to those flowers on my balcony. Some of us are slowly killing ourselves because we nourish ourselves with soapy and hot water. Yes, it is a liquid, but is it the right liquid for our bodies? Yes, they say they know, but a little will not hurt, they pipe. The little ends up being a habit and finally a trap that they cannot get out of. But everybody’s doing it they say… Well, all you need to do is read the medical and health journals and see how sick but well put together most people are. They are surviving, not flourishing in their health because of the nourishing they are not doing.

Today, my question to you is what is nourishing you? Are you intentionally nourishing yourself with the right food or are you giving yourself a small fade that stifles what you love to do?

Nourish yourself with healing foods.

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