When I was younger I would look forward to the long December holidays. The anticipation was great! Finally, the day would come and we would all be bundled up into my dad’s car and off we went for our holiday.

On the way we would have fun stop overs, enjoy seeing wild animals, marvel at the natural features of the lakes and mountains. In simple terms it was a joy. Then finally we would reach our holiday destination and have a lovely time together as family and soon after we would have to go back because the holiday had come to a screeching halt!

That is sometimes how my health journey would be – I would look forward to losing the kilos and feeling better. Once the journey began, I knew what to do, I had the right gear and I felt prepared. The journey finally arrived and I did what was expected and guess what, I reached my destination. Hurray!! – I achieved my goal. The kilos were gone. However, since the journey ended, the kilos would also pop up thereafter.  I would have to again prepare for another journey, maybe using another route, to reach my destination.

With time and wisdom, I have learnt that the journey of health and wellness does not come to an end. It is a long winding journey and I have the choice to make it beautiful. There are many times I would have to experience a flat tire on the road, other times see beautiful sights and hear lovely sounds, other times reach out to others to help because I got lost e.t.c.

I have also learnt that in the journey of health and wellness the most important things to carry with me are a great attitude and simple consistent habits. Those take me a long way and help me identify with the person I want to become and that I am. As I reflect through this story, my desire for you is that your journey will be fun and enjoyable as you learn beautiful lessons about yourself and your health and wellness all round!

And If you feel like you are packing and unpacking for your health and wellness journey and are tired of this, please know that you don’t need to do this alone. Reach out to a friend or even better get a health and wellness coach to help you get better directions along your journey.

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