Weight-Loss Gone Wrong? 5 Tips To Help You On Your Journey.


Weight-Loss Gone Wrong? 5 Tips To Help You On Your Journey.

Today I read Proverbs 19:2 – Ignorant zeal is worthless; haste makes more haste.

It reminded me of my weight loss journey – What! Talk about zeal without a concrete strategy.

Trying to lose weight with zeal but no knowledge is like sprinting in the wrong direction. It’s important to combine enthusiasm with informed choices for effective and sustainable results

Thankfully, I would not like you to go running around like a headless chicken (pun not intended)  So below are 5 sustainable tips that have helped me keep off excess weight – and yes – I am still on that journey and have the receipts.

  1. Know your hard. This is the hard truth. Is it harder staying overweight or staying fit? The truth is both are hard, so choose your hard. One comes with instant gratification and disease, the other comes with consistent choices on nourishment and some movement.
  2. Movement/Exercise does not = to weight loss.
    After exercising extremely hard for 1 year I only lost 2 kgs – only 2 kgs!! Use exercise as a way to gain more energy, move your muscles and give you that happy spot for the day.
  3. Nourishment – A plant-based diet helped me curb my appetite from the addictive processed foods and knowing about the calorie density of food without counting calories was a game changer!
  4. Community- Surround yourself with people who are more enthusiastic with your future more than your past. Hang out with like-minded people. You learn a lot, are motivated and get move towards your target.
  5. If the 4 above don’t help then get a coach. Why struggle for years on end when someone can easily spot that leaking spot in your ship? You save time, energy and money working with a knowledgeable health and wellness coach.

Bonus tip – Talk to yourself with compassion, the way you would to your close friend. When you feel like you have failed – learn to fail fast and forward. Remember that failure is a pivotal point towards your success!

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