Time is Your Ally in Healing

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Time is Your Ally in Healing

When I was recovering from PCOS on a Whole Food Plant Based Diet, the most challenging part for me was accepting the healing process. Just like when you accidentally cut your finger while chopping vegetables, you bandage it up and wait for it to heal over time.

Think of this process internally within your body. Although you can’t see the day-to-day healing and repair happening, it is indeed taking place. Healing requires patience and trust in the natural progression of health.

Unfortunately in our fast-paced society, we often seek instant solutions, but our bodies and nature work differently. It’s essential to acknowledge that healing is a gradual journey and to trust the process. Patience is key; We don’t need to rush things or give up too soon.

As I’ve grown older, I’ve come to appreciate this concept not only in health but in various aspects of life. Success stems from consistent small steps forward. Allowing my body to heal gradually with the power of plants was freeing.

Yes, I overcame PCOS through God’s grace, patience and the healing power of plants.

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