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I recall trying to help my daughter with a math equation using a formula I was taught dinosaur years ago. She got grumpy refusing me to continue helping her because this super cool formula to me was very complex and hard for her.

This scenario mirrors our health and wellness journeys, particularly concerning what is is on our plate. We all have different formulas that could lead to the same outcome. However, some formulas like my math formula could be super frustrating to ones liking.

Thankfully I finally found a scientifically proven SIMPLE formula that works wonders for my lifestyle. I am even tempted to call it a magical formula. No extreme diet, no pills, no excess exercising, no surgery. Just gradual healing through eating whole plant-based foods.

Have you identified a formula that resonates with you and enhances your well-being? Embrace it and keep progressing towards a healthier, happier and simpler life.

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