I remember calling up my friend late in the morning. I was greeted with a muffled voice as I heard the crackling sound of a paper wrapper. I quickly asked her if all was ok and she gave me a sheepish yes and told me she was eating a piece of cake. She then quickly told me she is enjoying her good food i.e the piece of cake, before she proceeds to start eating (in her own words )“bad food”.. There was a short pause after this confession before we both burst out in laughter!

Does this sound familiar to you? It does to me because I am in the journey of honestly telling myself what food is good or bad for me. This sounds strange right? Some of us have fortunately been brought up to eating healthy foods but along the way when we start earning some money we give ourselves too many free passes to eat the heavily processed oily or sugary foods and we sadly get into the rut of telling ourselves its only today and many todays become a month and many years ahead.


We have now started a behaviour that is evident around our waists, chins, thighs or anyway those extra kilos feel comfortable.


Some of the food principles I am currently etching into my life include:

  • Asking myself what my body needs. It may taste good but is it harmful to my body? Do I really need it?
  • Rewiring my taste buds. Filling in my plate with wholesome nourishing foods.
  • Not succumbing into the food peer pressure. What everyone does is not what everyone needs.
  • Enjoying natural healthy foods. Choosing to enjoy whole foods and having fruits as my go to sweet tooth “fix”.
  • Avoiding temptations. Removing the junk in my house and replacing it with the nourishing.


What are you doing to break through some of your food mind barriers? I would love to know.

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