There is a Sudanese proverb that strikes a chord with me.

“No one likes to eat crumbs from a feast; everyone likes to sit at the table”

Who wants to get the last of everything? Who wants to succumb to the left overs of life? The left overs of a relationship? The back end of a job? Definitely not me and I also don’t think you would want that either.


As I reflected on this, I wondered to myself why then as a mother of two lovely girls, do I want to eat their food left overs even when I am full. To clear up their plates, to finish off what they leave? Is it a learned habit? Is it a good habit?


This then spills over to me wanting to taste the left over crumbs of their deserts that I have told myself many a times not to succumb to. Just a crumbly taste of their chocolate cookie, a lick of their hot fudge ice-cream, a bite of their strawberry cake.. the list is endless.


Why should I get their crumbs when there is a feast of healthy foods and desserts waiting for me to eat? God in his awesomeness has provided them to us in their unadulterated state. I am now seeking to savour the taste of a ripe mango, to enjoy the creaminess of a yellow spotted banana, to crunch into the freshness of a red apple. Why not? I am not missing out. I am not having the crumbs, instead I am having a feast of great foods that digest slowly and keep me full longer while giving me the health that I deserve.


You either choose to eat the crumbs of life or take a seat at the feast. The choice is yours.


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