When I was growing up I remember being told to follow the line and tow it so that there can be order. As I grew older I realised that following certain ways can make my life miserable, bearable or fun. At times following the rebel can get you in trouble and following the shinning example can be frustrating while following the crowd can get boring.

So how should one know which path to follow? So many beaten down paths and so many less trodden paths. Well, I dare say – follow the  path that leads to the jackpot!

The jackpot to my health has been a Whole Food Plant Based Diet (WFPBD). There are so many health treasures I have reclaimed for myself such as remission of onset arthritis or the reversal of PCOS, just to mention a few. Now I can say I have the treasure and I am not planning to let go.

This path has had all sorts of emotions – just like trying a new thing there was fear in the beginning, then excitement to see the changes and then a routine that became so automatic, alas it became a lifestyle!

At times I get derailed along the path by shinny objects such as processed food or peoples opinions but then thankfully I know the way to follow if & when I get lost. It’s the path of health and wellness, a beautiful path to follow.

How about you, what path has brought you treasure?

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