Get comfortable with the uncomfortable

The long weekend approaches. You know you have goals set and targets to achieve your health goals. But alas! Every weekend you fall back. The week has been good, you’ve been eating clean but why does the weekend have to come by with tempting treats? Fun activities that involve you eating what your body does not need? why? why ? why! It seems you are taking one step forward and two steps backwards!

Don’t worry, I am here as your health coach to help you get comfortable with the uncomfortable. Remember it is not about others but you and your values and choices that matter. You are accountable for you and responsible for you. Does the footballer being paid thousands of dollars worry if he practices for the match out in the rain while others are comfy at home sipping their tea? Is the mother taking care of her sick child concerned if she hasn’t gone out for the dance party with her friend? Of course the answer is NO. These people are showing up for what matters in their life. You too have to make that decision on what matters at those specific moments when you want to do what matters to you no matter if it feels strange to you or if it is uncomfortable to others.

As you get comfortable with the uncomfortable, the uncomfortable will strangely feel comfortable and you will finally realise that you are taking one step forward and two more leaps further. Get comfy eating the healthy foods and get comfortable saying no to the foods that give a limited amount of pleasure and  cause havoc later on to your health. The truth is that it is pretty uncomfortable to be ravaged by unwanted health problems because you got too comfortable to be uncomfortable.

Make the choice, take the leap. You will not regret it!





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