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Taking simple steps towards wellness...

Not quick fixes but simple holistic transformative steps towards desired long lasting change. Creating your personal blueprint that is unique to you!

Hi, I’m Chichi

“I help individuals to become their best version.”

I am committed to helping you overcome limiting mindsets, develop easy healthy habit routines, and incorporate desired behavior changes that will enable you to reclaim your health and enjoy a better quality life ahead.

I do not adopt an all-or-nothing approach, instead, I work within the structure and reality of my clients’ everyday lives and work. My customized programs provide the tools to gradually incorporate significant changes and watch them become a welcome and sustainable routine.

Choose private coaching to improve your health, vitality, and life.  Experience one-on-one personal guidance to support you through diet and lifestyle adjustments to live your best life and achieve your health and wellness goals. I don’t just look at your plate and what you are eating, I look at how all parts of your life are interconnected and how they play into each other.

Do not wait for Tomorrow!

Health Coaches look at exercise, eating, wellness, and food not just as calories and weight loss, but also on mental, physical, and spiritual terms.


Healthy daily life

  • Movement is key to a healthy life
  • Plan your meals everyday
  • Have a bed time routine

Fitness & performance

  • Eat the right food and portion
  • Get enough sleep everyday
  • Work your full-range of motion

Exercise Program

  • Enjoy the physically activities you choose
  • Mixing up the exercises to keep them interesting
  • Exercise is about being healthy and having fun

Improving Health

  • Exercises can boost your mental health
  • Take care your mental, emotional well-being
  • Balance all aspects of your life

Change your life

Dare to show up for your health. Contact me for a health and wellness consultation!

I am so excited about this health and wellness lifestyle and I really thank God for it. Before I discovered eating healthier foods, I had serious bone issues. The pain I experienced when I stepped on my feet was unbearable, at times I could not even go down the stairs from my apartment. The good news is that now I am running down the stairs and can take long walks!


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