I was having a session with my wellness coach and she told me to write down my yearly goals. Thinking about it was a daunting task, I put if off because the future didn’t seem too exciting.

I finally got around to put ink to paper and I started doodling as I thought of what I would like for my wellness and health in the future.

Finally, I got to write the goals. One of the goals was quite cliché. To lose the appalling 15 kilos that I have been carrying around for a bit. Then the next question I knew I would be asked is why? I wrote down that I wanted to ease the pain on my back and unbearable pain on my knee. I had been feeling 20 years older than myself for a while.

I then got to meet with my wellness coach. It was so amazing how she changed the view of my goals. She let me imagine my future in the present…

My goals now looked like this:

  • I have lost 15 kilos in order to reduce the strain on my back and knee and to be confident in what I wear.
  • I am hiking (6-7 hours for once/month), running (1 hour , 2x/week) and walking with no pain.
  • I have created a testimony for others so that they can be encouraged in their health journey.

There you go, imagine the future as it is now. The goals are now were exciting. I can’t wait to meet me in the future by God’s grace.



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