We grow up being told less is more especially in the fashion world. There is however a flip side to it in the food world that is at times not so popular. Many fad diets boast that we can have less of the healthy foods and more of the unhealthy yum stuff and still remain fit. The truth is the less you eat the good healthy stuff, the more room you have for the unhealthy stuff. Therefore, the more healthy  stuff we put at the end of our forks, the better it is for us because we crowd out the unhealthy foods.


The more we eat our veggies, fruits and whole foods, the less we room we have to eat our overly processed oily/sugary foods. The more we move, the less tire. The list is endless..


Let’s then have more so that we have less of the dis-ease that seeks to rob us of our health. The ball is in your court. Will you have more or less?



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