When travelling long distances and maybe even out of our continent, we usually use airplanes. In the airplane you probably get a chance to choose the seat you want. I like window seats as I can be able to gaze out dream and think through the ride.

We don’t get to choose who seats next to us when travelling alone in the airplane. There may be passengers sitting next to us who are travelling on holiday and are happy and excited. Other passengers may be travelling for work, and could be working away focused on numbers, programs and outcomes. Some may be going to a funeral, emotions at that point may be low, distressed and sad. Yet still others may be going for a celebration, maybe a wedding, birth of a child, graduation etc. They are probably excited and looking forward to meeting others and celebrating with other folks.

These are the different strokes in life with different colours of painted feelings and emotions all headed to the same destination with different programs and agendas.

What is your airplane experience?

Are you experiencing sickness in your body and seeking for a solution to get well? Are you happy and content in where you are in now? Have you reached the weight you want or experiencing the health you envisioned? Are you feeling stuck and trapped in your health goals and no one seems to understand? Have you lost the vision and map all together and are feeling totally emotionally helpless and have decided to go with the flow not caring about the repercussions because you’ve given up?

Which part of the journey are you in? You don’t have to ride alone. Guess what, you can book a ticket for a companion to help you through that airplane ride. Most of the times the best  companions are your friends or family but at that moment they may be occupied in their own part of their journey and cannot be seated next to you as their destination is different from yours.

The good news is that this is where a health and wellness coach can come in to walk with you through whichever journey you are in. Health and wellness coaches can be the buddy you want seated next to you in the airplane ride to help you reach your desired destination. We are committed to your goals, empathetic with your emotions, non-judgemental towards your attitudes, cheer you on towards your desires and most importantly hold you accountable to what you want to achieve. In short, we are there for you. Let’s take the ride together by the window seat. Dream and envision together knowing you can make it with someone committed by your side. It’s worth the ride and it definitely will be a worthwhile airplane experience.

What’s stopping you? Don’t brave it alone.




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